Kylar Berlyn Perez
DOB 7/15/10
8 lbs 1 oz ~ 20inches long

A house is not a home until it has a dog.


Miniature American Shepherds








Happy Tails
Happy Trails


TonKa's Aussies has gone
With AKC/FSS Registered
Mini American Shepherds.

Mini Aussies were accepted into the AKC/FSS
as a rare breed in the Miscellaneous Class. 
We had to change our name to

Mini American Shepherd
but we are still the same great little dog package just in a new wrapper.
 We hope to have full AKC recognition within a year or two.
And that will put our dogs in the Stud Books as the Foundation of the

Mini American Shepherd. 
All of our Breeding DOGS have been tested for
HC, PRA, MDR1  ~ and all are clear
We will provide our buyers with copies of their puppies parents
 test results for their records.

Our minis range from 14" - 17" and weigh 15-40 lbs.
Our Toys range from 10"-13" and weigh 8-15 lbs.

We have ALL colors available 
almost all of our pups are red factored
(unless otherwise stated).

We have unique harlequin merles as well as
blue eyed red and black tri's!

We have bred for beauty and brains.
These dogs can and will do anything YOU are capable of asking them to do & they have the looks to go with it.
If you have questions or need pointers on training give us a call
we are more than happy to help.

All of our Dogs & Puppies are on NuVet vitamins
Please see the NuVet page for more information
or to place your order call:
1-800-474-7044 ID Code: 11036
All of our puppies are on NuVet and you will need to make sure
 you order yours before your new puppy comes home. 

Here at TonKa’s we feed our Dogs and Puppies
Nutrena Loyall

When you buy a puppy from us you will get a
happy, healthy, well socialized puppy. 
We include with the purchase of a puppy veterinary records, puppy food samples and other useful
information about
your new puppy.
We will ship pups with Continental, Delta or Northwest Airline at buyer’s expense cost is approx. $300-$350, depending
 on the size of the puppy and crate at time of shipping. 
Pups will be shipped at 9 weeks old and
will have had at least two sets of puppy shots and been wormed.
It is higher to ship an older puppy or adult so please make sure you get a quote on the shipping price if you are looking at something besides a puppy.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about
our Dogs/Puppies for sale, our Stud Dogs,
or future litters we may have planned



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